Brad “Scarface” Jordan

Brad “Scarface” Jordan is an award winning multi-platinum musical artist who believes in philanthropy and community involvement. He has been fervently working to advocate, educate, enrich, and enlighten lives through his work with The Positive Purpose Movement as the face of the organization.


Samuel “Kenyatta” Eaton

Samuel Eaton, owner of JNE Green Team, is a distinguished professional with over 17 years experience in construction, program, project and waste management for some of the world’s largest engineering and construction companies. He is an advocate, an activist, and a philanthropist who has passionately given back to the community and improved the lives of countless people through his work with The Positive Purpose Movement.


Tony Council

Tony Council has over 30 years of engineering and project management experience. He is the owner of TLC Engineering and is passionate about guiding community members into the workforce to boost their income and quality of life.

Operations Coordinator

Pamela Gonzalez

Pamela Gonzalez has worked in management for over five years, facilitating operations for JNE Green Team. She assists in operations for The Positive Purpose Movement. She is an activist and advocate for positive change in the community.

Special Events Manager

Dee Owens

Dee Owens has years of experience is business administration and business development and is currently the Executive Assistant for TLC Engineering. She spearheads our Special Events and works closely with our Program Director on community events.